The art of elegance

The magic and beauty of Contemporary Art

Welcome to my website!

My name is Anastasia Yanchuk (in art: Nati). I’m a fine artist, painter  based in Italy.

My work is experiment with variuos materials, while the image of women is a fundamental inspiration. 

My goal is to express feminine individuality, elegance, beauty, aesthetics and uniqueness.


Anastasia Yanchuk (in art Nati) is an artist of Ukrainian-Russian roots. 

She has always had a passion for Art.
The interest for painting was cultivated during childhood, school years and improved during 2-years practical courses of drawing and painting at the Russian State University (RGGU). Then Anastasia graduated in Interior Design and Architecture (2003-2009) in the International Academy of Business and Management in Moscow. 
After completing studies she has moved to Italy. 
It was a new chapter in her life: new country, new work, new people and also 5-year interval in artist’s career. 
After these years Anastasia returned to an idea of becoming a painter. She has chosen an artist name Nati and resumed painted classes.
Further experience gained on various trips around the world, always with her careful and inquiring spirit, allowed her to learn numerous expressive techniques – from ceramic painting to watercolor, acrylic to mandala art, zentangle and doodle art -through which the subjects become the pivot through which the concept of beauty is conveyed by Anastasia in its essence and under multiple and original interpretative components. 
Her technical improvement, pursued under the mentorship of Barbara Fantaguzzi (italian painter), has made it possible for Anastasia to take her own personal style to a higher level by fluently combining the world of colors with their innate cosmopolitan caliber.

After developing artistic skills Anastasia has made a decision to pursue a career as a professional artist (from 2020). Nati has participated in Art Fairs and Exhibitions in Italy, Monte Carlo, Dubai (UAE), New York (USA). She has an affiliation with PassepARTout Unconventional Gallery in Milan (Italy). Her artworks are also represented by Tablinum Cultural Management (Bellagio, Italy). 

Anastasia currently lives and works in Alba (Italy).