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I am an artist – Anastasia Yanchuk (aka "Nati").

My works are the result of many experiences, experiments and commitment. I take inspiration from nature, music, traveling and the image of women.

My goal is to express female individuality, elegance, beauty, aesthetics and uniqueness through art.


There're two main themes in my art:

- Art that focuses on the beauty of nature and includes seascapes. It's an expression of my emotional connection to a natural world: to Seas and oceans.

- Paintings of women. It is the principal theme in my art: femininity and image of women varying across different cultures and ethnic identities.

The goal is to focus attention on differences, particularities to emphasize a unique aspect of the beauty of each woman. Beauty has no nationality or ethnicity. Individuality and charisma are the New Beauty.

My aim is to create artworks that influence, inspire and motivate women encouraging them to be stronger, more confident but without forgetting about their women sensual nature.

I'm working mainly in acrylic colors on linen. I love using gold and silver leaf sheets, Swarovski Crystals, mirror mosaic... These materials allow me to express my ideas, a concept of beauty and aesthetics!


Anastasia Yanchuk (Nati) is a realist painter based in Italy. Her work is an experiment with various materials. The image of women is a fundamental inspiration.

Anastasia has always had a passion for Art.

The interest in painting was cultivated during childhood, school years and improved during 2-years of drawing and painting courses at the Russian State University (RGGU, Moscow, 2001-2003). She later graduated in Interior Design and Architecture (Moscow, 2003-2009).

After completing her studies, Anastasia moved to Italy where she resumed painting classes. Her technical improvement, pursued under the mentorship of Barbara Fantaguzzi (italian painter), has made it possible to Anastasia to take her personal style to a higher level.

In 2020 she decided to pursue a career as a professional artist. She has shown her art to the world participating in prestigious Art Fairs and exhibitions in Italy (including XIV Florence Biennale 2023), Spain, Austria, Germany, Principality of Monaco, Dubai (UAE), New York (USA). Her artworks have been featured in magazines, such as "Biancoscuro Art Magazine", "Aesthetica", in art books such as Atlante dell'Arte Contemporanea (De Agostini), CAM (Catalogo dell'arte Moderna, ed. Giorgio Mondadori) and were included in various art catalogs.

Nati uses bold colors and techniques to depict strong, intriguing, and sensual women. She thinks her artworks are a reminder that Women are a Symbol of Life. While creating paintings, Anastasia explores a variety of techniques: each one allows a unique expression of the artwork.

Anastasia currently lives and works in Alba (Italy).

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