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The women she painted, with light complexions that accentuate the chromatic contrasts further enhancing the make-up and some details of the face, give us at first sight an almost idealized image of the woman who appears as a real but at the same time ethereal woman. However, upon closer inspection, it is clear how these works seek and generate deeper symbols and meanings. It is an aesthetic beauty that is undoubtedly a reflection of the interior one: Anastasia's works, characterized by a purely photographic approach, enhance femininity, offering a broad analysis of the different physical and intrinsic peculiarities of women, also representing women of different cultures and ethnicities, encountered or inspired during his various travels. A refined and extremely elegant style that combines with the artist's great technical skill and ability to experiment, which leads her to also use refined materials such as gold leaf, silver leaf and Swarovski crystals.

The objective that Anastasia sets herself in creating her works is, moreover, precisely that of inspiring and motivating women, encouraging them to have confidence in themselves because, as stated by the artist: "every woman in my painting has the greatness to be different and unique and it is in this uniqueness that everyone's strength lies".

Dr. Francesca Callipari

Art historian and critic

The strength of Anastasia Yanchuk's art lies within a harmonious and expertly balanced balance between description and evocation, between narration and imagination. Her findings are the result of a long, detailed and in-depth learning journey, which began in Russia and perfected in Italy, the country where she has resided for several years. Further experiences gained during various trips around the world, always with an attentive and inquiring spirit, have allowed her to proceed in learning numerous expressive techniques through which the subjects considered become the pivot through which to convey the concept of beauty in its essence , by Yanchuk declined under multiple and original interpretative components. Each work is the result of careful and participatory research into the representation of what she feels most, starting with nature and more recently focusing her inspiration on the female universe at all latitudes of the planet, highlighting its peculiar characteristics. , but equally not neglecting, in the luxuriance of the details of the shapes and in the delicacy of the colours, to underline the generating force (of life, of affections, of love, of hopes) released by the observation of his female figures.

The tonal systems, played with delicate backgrounds on linen canvases, benefit from the material embellishment of Swarovski stones (a true signum individuationis of the young artist), so as to impart the addition of elegance and shining charm to faces that tell of distant worlds and sometimes full of mystery.

Dr. Enzo Nasillo

Art critic

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